An interview with Joe from Toploader.

“Yorkshire crowds and tea are the best”

What are you most looking forward to about festivals returning this summer?

That sense of all being together and experiencing live music that we’ve all missed for this past year or so it’s good for the soul to stand in a crowd, immerse yourself in the music and forget your troubles.

How was your lockdown experience? What did you get up to?

Strange to not be gigging all summer for the first time in years but found peace in my garden and writing songs kept me sane.

What’s your most memorable gig and why?

Far too many to mention but as far as shock and awe go, a packed Wembley Stadium supporting Bon Jovi was a particular highlight. 90,000 people singing along was a real high and a quick learning curve.

What’s 3 things can you never go to a festival without?

Used to be Cider, a loaf of Bread and Baked Beans. Now it’s more likely to be a nice Rioja, all-weather gear and a hotel room key.

Which song of yours always gets the audience dancing?

‘Let the People Know’ has a 70’s disco vibe and, of course, ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ is a bit of a festival sing-a-long…

What’s your favourite album of all time?

Tough one. Anything with soul. Stevie Wonder’s ‘Innervisions’ is a go-to record for me.

What’s your favourite thing about Yorkshire?

The crowds and the tea are the best.

If you could go to anyone gig in history what would it be?

You’d get your money’s worth at Woodstock I reckon.

Which song can’t you wait to perform at Gateways Festival?

We have a new song we’ve just started playing called ’Signs Of Life’ which feels very much like what we’ve all been going through. Emerging back to life after a year in the wilderness. ‘Achilles Heel’ is always a firm favourite of our live set too.