With Gateways Festival getting closer and closer, we can imagine that like ourselves, your excitement is becoming overwhelming! But we also know how useful it is to be organised for a festival. So whether you’re preparing to pack for a weekend away in Skipton or you live locally and want to plan for your day trip to Gateways, we’ve got you covered with our handy “Family Festival Essentials” guide.#

Portable Charger

We want Gateways Festival to be all about switching off and enjoying the weekend with your family and friends, but we also know that your phone is important to snapshot those precious moments, or to call your friend if you get lost on your way to the bar, which is why a portable battery and charging cable is essential for the weekend.

Sun Protection

We’ve already established how unpredictable a British Summer can be, but we’ve checked the weather ahead of time and luckily it’s supposed to be sunny for the weekend of Gateways. Don’t get caught out in the sun without any sun cream, we all know how much the sting of sunburn can ruin a weekend away, and don’t forget your sunglasses, hats and protective clothing too.

Face / Baby Wipes

Also known as a parent’s miracle wipe, face wipes are a must when planning a trip with little ones. So come prepared and there’ll be no need to worry when your little people are tucking in to one of our food vendor’s tasty treats, and getting most of it around their mouths.

Hand Sanitiser

It became a 2020 must have for obvious reasons, but did you know that it’s also a festival essential? For when you’re just too eager to get back to watching your favourite band play, or you just want to make sure your hands are extra clean before eating, hand sanitiser is a saviour at festivals, and you can easily pick up a pocket sized bottle from most shops.


Although Gateways will be launching in the first weekend of August, i.e. in the midst of Summer, we all know that the British weather is unpredictable and consequently, there’s a possibility that rain may just be that uninvited guest. And what do you get when you mix a lot of festival goers in a field with rain? MUD! There’s nothing more annoying than being caught in a muddy field whilst wearing your brand new shoes, so just to be on the safe side, make sure you bring your wellies.

First Aid Kit

Let’s face it, we all get carried away in the excitement at festivals, so for any headaches or minor bumps and scrapes, a first aid kit is essential. You can buy a small one that’ll easily fit in your bag from most supermarkets. We’ll also have a designated first aid point located onsite.

Camping Chairs & A Picnic Blanket

We encourage you to bring your own camping chairs and picnic blankets to ensure extra comfort for our movie night on Friday 6th August, but picnic blankets are also a brilliant item to have in your bag for the weekend just in case your little one’s legs get a little tired and they fancy a rest. If the weather stays dry, taking a seat on the grass won’t be a problem, but if rain does fall, it’s useful to have one with a waterproof base to keep your clothes dry.

Waterproof Clothing

On that note, just in case the rain does pour, it’s always handy to carry some waterproof jackets or umbrellas, and the good news is that there’s so many handy fold up and pocket size options available to choose from – a space-saving dream!

Insect Repellent

When the sun’s shining, there’s nothing more annoying than those pesky little beastie stings. Make sure you’re covered with some insect repellent spray and some bite and sting cream for when they do get you, because we all know how irritating that itch is.

Reusable Water Bottle

A must-have to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, and don’t worry we’ve got you covered as we’ve made sure that they’ll be a designated bottle filling station located near our welfare tent.

Bubbles and Glow Sticks

We want Gateways Festival to be an amazing experience for everyone, an opportunity to have some fun and make memories with your friends and family and there’s nothing quite like waving those glow sticks in the air as the sun’s about to set or watching your little ones blowing bubbles and having the most amazing time.

See our FAQ’s for more information on Gateways Festival!