An interview with Taka from Feeder.

“Flat cap throwing to replace discus”

When you get a day off, what’s your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire?

Walking my dog Bertie on Otley Chevin or Bingley St Ives are my usual options but if I could drive a little bit further, I would go to Burnsall with my family and Bertie and have lunch at the Red Lion pub. #

We all know Yorkshire has its own dialect, what’s your favourite Yorkshire saying?

“Tint tint tin”

What’s been your most memorable gig and why?

Probably our first main stage show at Reading Festival and our first Fuji Rock in Japan. I guess that playing on the main stage at Reading Festival was the one of the achievements you wished for back then as rock bands. We were really proud of ourselves and the audience were fantastic.

Fuji Rock Festival was our first ever big show in Japan. We weren’t paid enough to bring our usual crew. So, we had to set up our gear on the stage ourselves before the show in front of the audience! But it was a special moment for me as I’m a Japanese and we had a great time.

What essentials are in your Yorkshire wardrobe?

Wellies! My Muck Boots are Ace.

Your lockdown toilet sessions on Instagram put a smile on everyone’s face! What’s your favourite song to cover?

My daughter, Kokolo’s favourite is “Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie. Mine is the mix of “Walk on the Wile Side” by Lou Reed + “Can I Kick It” by A Tribe Called Quest. I always wanted to mix up these 2 tracks and edited them myself.

If Yorkshire could put an event into the Tokyo Olympics what would it be?

Flat cap throwing to replace discus.

What’s your favourite Yorkshire food tradition?

Yorkshire pudding. I would be probably told off by Yorkshire people but I love eating vegetables and meat together in the Yorkshire pudding with the gravy. I guess that I need to try Yorkshire pudding wrap!

Which song can’t you wait to perform at Gateways? 

High “I’m going out for a while. So I can get high with my friends”

After this tough Pandemic time, we can finally have a good time with mates and families together.