All systems go for Aireville – important Information for Customers

As it’s the longest day of the year, there seems no better way to take advantage of those additional few minutes of sunshine, with some light, yet very important reading.

In conjunction with all the previous festival safe information and links provided on our previous blog Keeping it real – Attendee Advice for Aireville – Gateways Festival and alongside North Yorkshire Police  Project Servator | North Yorkshire Police , we continue our aim to provide full and comprehensive information that relates to anyone attending The Great Yorkshire Dales Proms and/or Gateways Festival this year.

It is our standout mission that everyone has a positive experience at Aireville Park this summer and people taking into account the below should help ensure that everyone has the best time possible. 

Thankyou for reading.

Event Security Measures


Admission into the event is subject to personal possession search. Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities will be removed and items confiscated. 

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed to be brought into the event:

  • Alcohol

  • Glass (bottles or drinking glasses)

  • Carving/catering knives or metal cutlery 

  • BBQs

  • Naked flames or candles

  • Flares or Fireworks

  • Stoves

  • Tables

  • Gas Canisters

  • Laser pens

  • Cans

  • Drinks bottles other than sealed plastic bottles under 500ml containing water

  • Chinese or sky lanterns

  • Drones

  • Illegal substances

  • Nitrous oxide

  • Legal highs

  • Unauthorised professional film or video equipment

  • Gazebos

  • Tents

  • Tables (Folding camping tables permitted for Proms event on 22nd July only)

  • Any goods for unauthorised trading

  • Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon

  • Aerosols

  • Air horns and megaphones

No animals are allowed on site with the exception of registered guide and hearing dogs.

Cameras are permitted for personal use. Professional video/audio equipment is strictly prohibited. Live video/audio recordings made without the permission of the artiste or premises licence holder are prohibited.

Age Restrictions

Anyone 16 or over is welcome to attend the event on their own without an adult, however, you will be asked to show proof of age on entry to access the event. Anyone below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Food & Drink

Water in plastic bottles with unbroken seals up to 500ml are permitted. No cans, glass bottles or drinking glasses please. Any bottles with a broken seal will be confiscated. Free drinking water is provided on-site. Please note taking alcohol into the festival is not permitted.

You are welcome to bring food but be prepared to have your bags searched and remember no metal knives, no BBQ’s or naked flames. There will be some amazing food vendors at the event with a variety of menus. There will also be a range of alcoholic beverages available to purchase from the bars on site. 

Challenge 25

We will be operating a challenge 25 ID policy at the bars. If you can’t provide photographic and holographic identification when asked, you will not be served alcoholic beverages.

If you look under 25 please make sure that you bring an acceptable form of proof of age ID. This Includes:-

  • A photo driver’s license

  • A passport (not a photocopy)

  • A PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) proof of age card

We advise that you invest in a PASS card rather than a passport or driving license as we wouldn’t want you to lose them. Make this as simple as possible with Validate UK & Citizen Card

Drugs and Illegal Substances

The event has a zero-tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be evicted from the site and handed over to the Police who may decide to prosecute. Psychoactive substances, Poppers, and Nitrous Oxide are also strictly prohibited and may result in ejection from the event. 

Stay safe and don’t take any risks. For more information on the dangers of drugs please visit www.talktofrank.com.

Welfare & First Aid

If you are feeling unwell visit our on-site welfare team or first aid team who will be able to help you.

Child wristbands

If you have a young child with you see our Welfare team and ask for a plain wristband. Add your contact details on the inner side of the wristband and attach it to your child’s wrist. Your contact details will be with your child if you become separated.

Ask for Angela

If you feel unsafe, vulnerable or threatened you can discreetly seek help by approaching venue staff and asking them for ‘Angela’. This code-phrase will indicate to staff that you require help with your situation. Staff will then look to support and assist you.


A team of security and stewards will be watching over you and the site 24/7. They are there to protect you and keep you safe.

Fencing is located around the event site. Controlled admission is in place for entry screening and searching. This is there to protect everyone at the event. Exits and Emergency Exits are in place and stewards will assist you when exiting. Please follow any instructions given by stewards and security or event staff.

Bag Restrictions

To avoid lengthy queues, we recommend bags are no bigger than a standard size rucksack approximately 30cm x 42cm (A3 size). Larger bags will slow your entry down at the entry gates. Please be patient and allow plenty of time for queues at ticket checks and searches.

Our advice to ticket holders is to pack light. The less you bring, the quicker you’ll get through the gates. It really will make things quicker.

Label your bags. Put your name and number on any bags and possessions you bring. Look after all your valuables or even better don’t bring any valuables at all.

Do not leave your bags unattended at any time!

All bags will be searched upon entry. Anyone found to be in possession of banned substances or items will be refused entry. No refunds will be issued in such circumstances.

 Please read the Terms & Conditions – Conditions of Entry for the list of prohibited items.

Reporting crime

The event will have a Project Servator presence on site provided by North Yorkshire Police. Project Servator aims to deter, detect and disrupt criminal activity, including terrorism, while providing a reassuring presence for the public. If you witness or are a victim of a crime at the event, please inform event security as soon as you can. The quicker it is reported, the quicker the Police can act.

For any non-emergency crime or to provide information on a crime while at the event, please call 101. 


Whilst terrorist attacks in the UK are rare recent terrorist incidents have shown that an attack could happen anywhere and without warning. Knowing how to react during an attack is important and can save lives.

Stay alert! If you see something that looks suspicious or you spot someone acting suspiciously, gather as much information as you can and report it to security staff immediately. Remember to ACT #ActionCountersTerrorism.

Don’t leave bags unattended or hidden. Don’t feel pressured to look after a stranger’s bag, even if their story seems legitimate.

The organisers behind the event have emergency plans to help you keep safe. However, in the rare chance there is an incident, listen to security and event staff and any announcements. Remain as calm as possible and follow directions. Remember the chances of getting caught up in a terrorist attack is small but if it happens remember to the following advice:– 

RUN to a place of safety, 

HIDE, It’s better to hide, if you can, than to confront. 

TELL the police by calling 999.

The Great British Weather

Those that were at the event last year are probably still scraping the mud off their boots. Please make sure you come prepared for all types of adverse weather. This includes appropriate footwear and clothing for the possibility of wet, muddy and slippery conditions; and sun cream and a hat for the possibility of hot sunny weather. 

Please keep a check on the forecast with the Met Office.

Counter Terrorism Policing have also produced a toolkit specifically for festivals which you can use. It will be used at more than 20 festivals across the UK in summer 2022.


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