All aboard the festival masterclass with The Subways

On the back of our insightful chats with main stagers Lucy Spraggan and Jake Bugg, today we delve further into Saturday night and more on those bands set to light up Aireville Park this summer.

Pulling into the Gateways Festival station and emerging from an underpass in Welwyn Garden City are first class guests, The Subways. Even better, not just one, but two members of the band got on board for a chat about all things Gateways, as well as a large portion of  Yorkshire love.

Billy: “I can’t fathom a festival experience without a decent hefty supply of water, a fully-charged USB power bank (you gotta keep up with the tweets), and a stash of clean fluffy socks (look after them toes)!”

Charlotte: “A rain mac, A warm jumper, A bottle of wine, Practical and fun!”

Billy: “We have a song called Rock & Roll Queen that always seems to go down well with festival audiences – but I fear that’s a bit of an obvious answer. I’m going to say any one of the new songs from our upcoming album. It’s going to surprise people!”

Charlotte: “We’re going to be playing some songs from our 5th album out later this year, which will be both exciting and scary! I always look forward to playing Rock n Roll Queen last in the set and leaving everyone to enjoy the rest of their weekend.”

Billy: “I love that you can’t go anywhere without hearing someone chanting ‘Yorkshire!’ Such pride in the place you come from, especially with such a brilliant history in music, fills the heart with joy. I wanna hear lots of that!”


Charlotte: “Sheffield…. my home city! The perfect place to live: everything you could want from a big city and the Peak District only a few miles away.”

Billy: “Our new album should be on the way. But, aside from that, I’ve decided to wear more Fred Perry in 2022. There’s been a criminal lack of FP in my wardrobe these last 15 years. Shocking behaviour!”

Charlotte: “We cannot wait to get back to playing shows! Keep a look out for more UK shows later this year and come and join us!”

Billy: “We like to be loud and rambunctious. And we love to smile lots. I’ve also really missed crowd surfing and circle pits these last few years, so I may join you all for a bit of that during our set.”

Charlotte: “A fun rock’n’roll show! Hopefully the sun will be shining…but if not, we love a dance in the mud!”

Billy: “I’ve been gagging to see Cast for years. I’m a huge fan, and I’ve always loved John Power’s contributions to The La’s songs. I remember seeing him in an airport in Holland years ago, but I was too frightened to go up and say hello. I don’t care about that stuff anymore, though. I just wanna see him sing!”

Charlotte: “I’ve always been a huge Ash fan, so I might need to come back on Sunday to see them! It’s a great line up to be part of, and so cool to be on before Cast and Jake Bugg.”

Clearly you’re welcome to come back Sunday guys, and thanks for not only a great interview but also highlighting two of the brilliant 90’s acts that we are so happy to bring to Skipton this summer. We can’t wait to see you at Aireville Park and if it’s cold, I run out of socks or my phone needs a blast then I know where to come. See you soon.

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