The Voice of Victory

As promised and to really give substance to our ‘opportunity not to be missed theory’ we take some time out with last year’s Gateway Festival Battle of the Bands winners and how applying can really make a difference.

In the first of a three part series, we had a chat with Adam from Aliensdontringdoorbells to see what they thought of last year at Aireville Park and what they’ve been up to since.

“Apart from playing to an amazing crowd of lovely music fans.. well.. the food stalls,  the audience, the atmosphere was amazing, and we had the opportunity to talk to alot of people in the audience before and after. We also loved the interaction, the stunning setting and location and the way we were treated by all the staff.”

“Fave songs for me have to be ‘Daylight’ and ‘Consummation’. ‘Consummation’ is our opening number and our most rockier track –  it settles the nerves and gets the audience racing. Daylight is always a favourite, as it took us to number 21 in America and the audience always sing along, swaying their arms to the chorus”

“Be prepared to talk to lots of new fans. They want to know about the band and love to meet you. I would say get out there into the crowd afterwards, chat and create new followers. It’s  an ideal time to listen to feedback.. just enjoy it.”


“Perform like it’s the first and last time. For us it led to a sell out UK tour with Scouting for girls and being asked to perform again in 2022…..what more could you want?. 


“It’s a good idea to get all your friends and followers to vote for you, promote the pants out of Gateways, as we even had new fans from the festival come to see us on the UK Tour with Scouting for Girls”

“We are in Chicago performing early March, Denver in April, finishing the new album, then Spain and the UK, promoting our next 5 single releases. ‘I’m not with Amanda now’, is going to be a summer smash.. we wrote the song just before the UK tour and Roy from Scouting for Girls produced it, so get ready for the Aliens new tracks in 2022.. come and join us on spotify NOW”

We can’t wait for the new track Adam. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us and good luck with everything this year not least when we see you back at Gateways Festival in July.

Check in with the band in all the normal places or wan’t to see them live then the best way is at Gateways Festival in July. See link for ticket info.

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